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Get to know me, again

I hate the word “customers”, sounds pervert to me. I prefer colleagues, acquaintances, maybe friends on the way.

I love nature and urban territory. Most of my shootings are outdoors. I don’t mind getting wet or a little cold. I never played safe in my life.
I learned to love this city, London. There’s so many places for my purpose, naughty or else. I collaborate with some hot-shot photogs around this city. When they are too busy, modest, cold, or afraid, I get to do their job, and borrow some serious equipment! There’s many opportunities for the industry I prefer, and this is something that will always thrive.

I don’t do pornography, I do Naughty photography. Singles, individuals, playful and cheerful that make me enjoy every moment, make me happy I am a photographer.

I hate grumpy models. I hate tired, exhausted models. Most of all, I hate when they bring a “boyfriend”, or even worse, “a work colleague”. I always say, bring a friend accustomed to what you do, comfortable with nudity, and time, who will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the moment, and make my job easier. Not a pimp, forcing things, telling me what to shoot, and what “her assets” are. I have a pretty good idea of assets.
I shoot any and everything on my way around. I might put a lady-bug in a set, or an abstract image, whatever gets my attention. But I adore the human body in itself, and most of all, big smiles and happy faces. And the line of work I chose, nudity, makes even the more abstract, or even gruesome imagery, a lot more favorable for the eye and mind.
Someone said, I make the world a better place, by putting something gorgeous in front of it. (she was talking about her pics, of course).

Enough mumbling. I’ll be back!!!


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