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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Am I the Freak?

Every photo-session should be a unique, creative journey. Especially for Naughty Models.
I have my “standards”, my favorite Models that, I keep watching for some years now. Still Online, enjoying the game, making males (and females) everywhere going nuts. A couple, I had the pleasure of meeting, and do some shooting. The rest, I just try to copy, and better them. So, “my girls” have a wealth of images to look at.

I love Naughty Models. They put bread on my table. But, I often see them manipulated, to say the least. I even know the monologue with the, so-called, photographer. Get up, sit down, spread them, now buzz-off. I know from the people who taught me photography.
I saw eleven sets, from one and only Model, taken in (less than) an hour. Say, standard 90 images for a set, by 11, plus the missing numbers from the cam’s count, the ones someone (photographer, webmaster, boss) deleted, that’s at least 1200. That’s a click every three seconds. How the fuck did she even have time to change to another outfit?
A huge smile on a girls face, says nothing. At forty-six, married twice, quite a few relationships, and having raised my own daughter, I know when a smile IS really smiling. I see the tiredness, I feel the exhaustion sipping through the images.
But then again, as one of my “mentors” used to say, No one gives a fuck for her face.

I always say, to anyone asking in, in this business, you have two choices. Play for yourself, or get played by “an agency”. On your own, it’s harder, and slower. But you have control. “Working” for someone else, you (might) become famous quick, but you are always on a leash. And they have too many to keep a hold over you.
You can be a poster, or a wallpaper. Wallpapers are cheaper, but last longer. Posters in garages and prisons, go out-of-date really quick, but you keep paying the price for an eternity.

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