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Irish-saying posterI am not a critic. I am not THE EXPERT in Explicit. I don’t even consider myself a Real Photographer. I’m just an old fool, who made my passion into business. I posted this months ago, before I fuck up my blog. You should have paid attention.
Here we go, again.
Like every one inside the World Wild Web, Internet Models depend your career on ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ as a gauge for what makes or breaks you. I can only laugh, because, most ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ are coming from ‘little boys’ who just discovered there are creatures called Women.
When I was young, we used to thumb through Department Store Catalogues to see ‘chicks in lingerie’. Now, boys have a look on the Internet, and can even comment on your ‘performance’. Sad thing, they rarely leave comments, unless they fall in love with your ass, and you base a career on -Like- counts. Even sadder than that, tomorrow those boys will -Like- someone else’s ass.
Known fact, since the invention of printed paper and photography, photos with nudity will have the most ‘Views’, ‘Likes’, and comments. And Internet Models give every one just that, ‘The Catalogue Syndrome’.

Simple question, you prefer being a poster in some prison cell, ‘violated’ every night in someone’s dreams, or, ‘The stuff Dreams are made off’ on someone’s wallpaper, proudly showing you off?
The difference is, if the second one meets you, cries out joyously like a puppy, because he saw a Goddess. And that is what makes you Immortal in the Pantheon of Internet!

Just because you take your clothes off, doesn’t make you a Porn Star. You are a Model. You have no idea how many Real Professional Models there are, and we always hire THEM for OUR purposes, but these models can sue us for any misconduct, because they are Professionals. Simply put, Humans. Gawd forbid if anyone calls THEM Porn Stars.
Remember, you have NO difference. Learn your game, not by drooling comments, nor by ‘Views’ and ‘Likes’, but by understanding what makes you great. Learn, not by counting your ass’s ‘Likes’, even pigs have an ass. Learn, devote time to your devotees, check who is behind the comment, who keeps coming back for what. Learn, don’t just grab the money.

Back to my simple question.
You chose being a poster, you meet, you cry, you end up in PornHub (or worse). Sorry, can’t help you with that!

Stay on your Teasers. Don’t go “Pro”.


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