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For you, who found your way to this blog, and made my little one happy, I would say it’s my luck.
For you, that took the time to even read my mumblings, I can only say, Thank You.
This blog was set up for one purpose. Indulge my daughter, who wanted me to “have a presence”.
But, as Justin Reznick says, I suck at Social Media.
Do not expect anything serious from me. Like the title of my blog, it’s Memoirs. Little abstracts from a photographers life. A naughty photographer, who can only mumble about his anger, and anxiety, for this Industry, and, when he’s lucky enough, his joy for what he’s doing.
As I state in my About page (which should be read before you proceed to Like anyone), do not expect any Naughty Pics, this is not Playboy blog. I do not intend to do so, and I do not need that kind of audience.
Do not expect advice, or lessons. I don’t even consider myself a photographer. Taking photos is easy, even a monkey can be trained. I’m just a voyeur, if you like, with a camera, like my little one said. And I love what I do.
If you want a piece of advice, ask a real photographer, not someone who shoots naked bodies for Explicit Content.
Leanne Cole, and Scott Bourne, would be a Good start. Professionals that know what they are talking about. If you are interested in The Glamour Industry, a.k.a. Shoot Naked, or half-naked, People, check Rolando Gomez. You’ll learn how to Light Bodies.
For the Naughty Industry, a.k.a. Explicit Content Sites, or magazines, you must have a passion for the naked body. If seeing a naked girl, all you see is the Y between her legs, like I always say, you are in desperate need of a girlfriend. There’s none to teach you Respect. You have to have it inside you, born with that. The Naughty Industry misses that. But, I can always shout out loud, or at least, write my thoughts.
I hate explaining myself. But, now you know.
If you’re coming for naughty pics and girls, you are in the wrong blog!


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