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Someone keeps an eye on me

Five months, since I lost my little one, I haven’t clicked on a human. Job offers straight to junk. I lost my touch. I changed my numbers, I’m about to dismantle my “social accounts”, once again. No point mumbling about something I cannot do anymore.
Early morning call. Sally, ex-gf, assist and makeuper, wants to visit. And she insists. She comes with Ella, a Hungarian model. Visiting England, checking some unis, blah blah blah, I heard that story too many times.
Sit down, share thoughts, get a hold of the subject’s character… I need my time with someone I never met. Then, We’ve only got till midday, she’s leaving at 6. I hate pressure, but I owe to Sally. We get some test shots, and before I realize it, we are out, in a freezing London, shooting naughties, every where. Sally keeping an eye for traffic, me shooting almost burst mode, at a real monkey of a girl who wants to show every inch of her body.
I hate cold, and I would not submit anyone to freeze for a damn shoot. Play safe, stay warm. But, Ella has, as I say, The Works in her. I’m so excited, I cannot bother with cold, or even my thoughts. But Sally knows me all too well. A little blanket and a long coat, and Ella didn’t end up as a Popsicle.
Past midday, back to Sally’s flat, we look at the photos, all’s good. Sally goes for some shopping, Ella goes for a shower, I throw myself on the couch, ever so proud they liked my shooting. Lost in my world, just floating away, I’m awaken abruptly. Ella, squeezing herself in my arms. She says, Nany time, and falls fast asleep.
In my mother tongue, Nany means Sleep. Only a handful know me as Greek, and Sally knows me as an English. And we don’t teach such things, it’s kind of exclusivity among our own. I just froze there. Sally came, Ella wakes up, gone to airport and back, I could only mumble. At least, I made them laugh.
Ella back home, sent quite a few emails, Thnx Kiss. Sally sent a couple emails, “Ella is excited”. Quite late night, sends another, swearing, why did I back-transferred payment. “…since you didn’t even do her”. I can’t respond, I have no other excuse, surely Ella told her. Sally lives close by, so, came to my place for a fight. After all, she found me a job.
There’s always photos tossed away as Non-prints, irrelevant, blurry… I don’t get “Rights”, but I keep those. So, I show Sally a couple of instances, of her, and Ella, with my little one beside them, assisting, posing, smiling, even giving me raspberries. I could not explain that to her, but that’s my reward.
I emailed all I worked for, and with, stating one thing only.
I’m back. Business as usual. Hit me.
And, as my little one always said, Let’s see what the cat brings home!


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