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Say CheeseI’m not a photographer.
I’m a lazy painter in a hurry, drawing with pixels.
I’m a PA to a camera. She can’t push her own buttons, but I’m always there to help. Occasionally she even listens to my ideas and suggestions. The more flesh we see, the better our day goes. We don’t do weddings, commercials and corporate stuff, but we love shooting nature, and adore every instance we get to shoot a naked body. Most importantly, we love big, huge, spontaneous smiles and laugh-out-louds!
I don’t “work” as a photographer, it’s not a “job”.
I do not own studios and workshops. It’s a passion I made to business.
I’m not promoting any and no-one, I don’t need to, thanks to the World Wild Web and the demand for Naughty Little Peeps.
This is my place to share stories, experiences, and occasionally funny staff in the everyday life of a Naughty Photographer ( me ). And along the way, some tips, tricks, and stuff of the trade!
As my little one used to say, I’m a pervert with a camera.

No, you’re not getting any naughty pics in here. This is a blog, not Playboy magazine.


Welcome to my World!


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