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Life in Naughty Business

In my niche, Nude Photography, I try to avoid couples. a (1)
They are in love, they get excited, intimate moments start. There are fine moments in the act of making love, that are perfect in what we, photographers, seek. Emotion. And in my early days as a photographer, I could not help myself, not to make those moments eternal. I was taught to insinuate, even suggest they make love.

I’m hungry for emotion, but I don’t want to make my mark like that. I don’t want to be remembered as, the dickhead who shot our Porn.

a (4)

But, it’s inevitable. In purpose of exercising portraits basically, and favors I have to do for a few friends, I have to accept couples. Plus, I need real moments, not just imagination. I ran out of ideas, how to make a girl imagine love. I need it for me, fill my crave for emotion. And couples do that without instructions. They have each other, they don’t have to imagine anything. They are in love. And when I “feel” emotions emanating, I’m just a sucker to that!
a (5)
When it comes to a girl, shooting for Erotic sites on the Web, magazines, or just private, self-indulgence shooting, they tend to call me Crazy. With the good sense of that. I have endless imagination. But with couples, that’s where my imagination vanishes.
Thankfully, I have the World Wild Web. From paintings and sketches…
a (2)
…to Works of Art, by professionals I aspire.
a (3)
Still, they all laugh if the moment comes, and I go “smell the roses” in the next room, or down the creek.
I won’t get rich by what I do. I don’t have agencies, I don’t “manage” girls, or anyone. I made priority in my life, and the niche in my profession, happy faces and smiles all around. I get up the moon when a girl, who’s been afraid being shot by a stranger, is jumping up and down from pure enjoyment, etched on her face, seeing her photos. And I hate it when they can’t keep still, so I can capture that.
Earlier today, I shot a couple. Self-indulgence, private collection. Overlooking their photos, the guy said to me, Thank You. I didn’t even turn to look at them, casually replied, It’s my job, you paid for that. I felt intimidated, and quite ready for a fight, as he grabbed my hand. And he just said, Thank you, for showing me I have the greatest woman by my side.
Moments like these are my reward. I don’t give a damn about fame. I couldn’t care less for my name not posted in capitals on a great exhibition. I love what I do, what I chose to do, and I sleep better at night.

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