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OnTheRocksIn my career as a Photographer, short as it is, I managed to get myself in front of a judge quite a few times. Made many enemies, but earned friends as well. A new-found friend, a judge, asked me, what every person who dealt with me in such situation asked. How do you know.
First, I asked my new friend, if he watches Porn, as we tend to call this. Very sincerely he said, Yes. Then, as a photographer who shot quite a few, I stated the obvious, what’s in front of every one.
A model who’s been some time in this Industry, has a vast wardrobe. She might wear the same in a couple sets, but they will be well suited, cleaned and ironed. Messed up clothes, two sizes smaller, or bigger, shoes that don’t fit, or are three sizes bigger, she is not enjoying this.
No cheap hotels, no messed up studios. No filthy prop houses, nor abandoned ruins in the middle of nowhere. Even out with Mother Nature, real models are carefull of their surroundings, they don’t crawl on dirt.
Real models deny being shot with a tripod. They know they are Models, they want angles. They won’t make a whole set sat on a kitchen table, or in front of a television that’s still playing. Not a whole set sat on a chair, a sofa, or a bed crumpled of littered clothes.
Naughty Models are not shot on beds. Slaves do, to impose the idea of sex, as some people think that, sex can only exist on bed.
Real models enjoy their time. They play with the photographer, they goof around, they have fun. They don’t get their clothes off on the fifth click. They take their time to play naughty, they don’t shoot 200 photos in seven minutes. They don’t make ten sets in an hour, they know tiredness will show.
Like all models in photography, facial expressions tell a whole story. When you see a model’s expressions changing rapidly, those wide open eyes, that twitch in her lips, are not “pleasure”, she’s being intimidated. Especially if she’s constantly looking off-camera, to get the approval of “someone”.

As I said to my new friend, you don’t have to be the actual photographer, to “see” slaves in Naughty Photography, not to mention the real Porn Industry. But, when you are their photographer, and a parent, you have to be a monster not to react.

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