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Troglodytes, misfits, and misanthropes

I am a photographer. A bit commercial, a tad journalistic, much about outdoorsy, a Naturalist. I don’t give much of a damn about decor, as long as I have happy people and smiling faces in my viewfinder. I sell feelings. Not paintings, not travel guides.
I am a photographer. I don’t care about rights, I’m happy when I hear good words for my doings. I won’t even care about payment, when a gorgeous smile is stuck in my memory, joyous laughter resound inside my head, and a warm hug is imprinted on my body.
I am a photographer to the Naughty Tribe. I love naked bodies, and I know they love me. The more they show, the more inquisitive I get, the better we become.
I don’t care what people think about what I do. I spent a lifetime to perfect it, years searching forms, postures, body language. Wasted countless man-hours to find my perspective. I don’t give a duck about opinions. I love what I do.
I do care about girls in Nude Photography. They deserve respect, for providing a service we arrogantly deny. They keep our fantasy up-to-date. Saving relationships, putting perspective in a man’s mind, when he shags his miserable partner in the dark. Making misanthropes happy with their Imaginary Girlfriend. Keeping troglodytes out of society, waiting in their lairs for the next set. They fill our “Better Tomorrow” with beauty.
Some girls do it by profession, it’s their livelihood. Troglodytes are scouring the Net, grabbing whatever they can of a girl’s livelihood, selling cheaper-by-the-dosen. When you deal with the World Wild Web, that’s occupational hazard, and we all know that. But some miserable misfits, are hacking into a girl’s life, after she stopped doing photography, exposing even families. And with the ludicrous excuse that, Fans need to know.
As a photographer, a human being, and a father, I only ask Lady Luck for one thing. Get me close enough. I will knock the living daylights out of anyone I do get in my hands, messing with a girl’s life after she said No More. That’s a promise.

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