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I like looking at, what every one thinks of as, weird things in general.
I like old abandoned buildings filled with health hazards.
It’s called Perspective.
I like watching old films. See the beauty of things made simple.
I randomly stop to take a photo of everything and anything. It’s called, Make a living.
I bug you to be a test subject. Be proud of that. I want YOU to be my Muse.
I’ll make you pose, in public or else, to take a photo of you. It’s called, a relationship.
I shoot naked bodies for a living. You have to trust me. It’s called, Healthy Relationship.
broken_cameraI enjoy freshly cooked meals, made by us, not M&S. It’s part of a relationship.
I hate broken equipment. It’s how I make a living. I might be a toy in your hands, but my gear are not toys.

You hate going out-and-about, long walks, sightseeing and unfamiliar places. You have issues with the weather, and health and safety. You should never date a photographer.

Stay home and play Facebook, like professionals do!

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