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Play it again, Sam

I am a photographer. I’m not credited, nor certified. Never attended any courses in Somewhereshire in Whatsoever college. Never even bothered with business cards.
I am a hobbyist. I do what I do, with the same passion, love, and tenderness I had shooting my muse, my baby’s mama. Twenty three years ago, I still do that, with each and every person standing between me and my camera.
I am employed to the industry of imagination. I’m getting paid to push a button. I shoot Explicit Content by default, and never ask rights. It’s their imagery, and there’s no point saying, I took that photo of that ass.
I am a photographer, not a pornographer.
3I have shot girls aged 16 to 60. Yes, I do mean 60. Each with her unique character, a unique personality. Like sculptors and painters, who have long been inspired by the female form, producing timeless pieces of art, my job is to find that. And every girl can become a work of art, just using photography.

I’m an outdoor/adventure photographer. Outdoors is my element. As for the adventure, this whole business is an adventure. It requires a range of techniques, shooting people in motion, not stuck on a bed. Working in all kinds of terrain, and weather, trying to find a way to capture Nature’s beauty, not just a person’s bottom.
I cannot teach anyone how to be a photographer. Get a camera, get out, shoot and learn. I can’t tell anyone how good he is, or what he must do. There are no musts. Photography is about perception, every one has his own. We just have to find, develop and refine it.
I can’t tell anyone the secrets of the trade, because there’s none. I only have a piece of wisdom. Shooting a naked body, requires something we all demand, but forget when it comes to the person in front of us. And that’s Respect.
I’m always told, You have to make your own thing, Be a professional. I would have to hire a “ghost”, like me, to do the shooting, so I can run my soirees in Twitter, Facebook, and so on. But then, I would miss that gorgeous smile on the faces of some of the world’s prettiest girls.
Happy Faces

I am a photographer, not a professional!

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