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Faulty Systems

Steady work. Golden words for freelance professions. Steady work, steady money, discussion ends. Steady work, that’s the closest we get to job security.
I have conducted my “career” differently. First off, I don’t work for just one, model or agency. My jobs come from varied sources. Many like me, work exclusively, become “house pets”, always available. Solely dependent on one model. Not for me.
Secondly, I choose my work, not by scooping long-term jobs, but cultivating it, forging solid relationships through professionalism, collaboration, proper ethics. I do not cancel bookings to take a “better” job offered. I wouldn’t like it done to me, so I can’t, in good conscience, do it to someone. They made the effort to book me in advance, they shouldn’t be canceled. Simple.
Why screw someone over, because someone else thinks, he/she gives me a jackpot of a job? They can’t fathom why an “artistic photog” would turn them down. But I DO work steadily, every single week. Not because I’m the greatest ever lived, and people are tripping over themselves to hire me. I’m good, because I put my heart and soul in my work. I’m reliable, I don’t cancel on people, I return calls, I try my best to do my job in a fair and ethical way. I work steadily, because I choose my jobs, not the other way round, not because I grab “big bookings” at any cost.

I’m an independent contractor. My personal ethics, and honesty, should be more prominent, and evident, to others, than if I was a regular “employee”, working out of habit and obligation. I’m in control of my schedule. And while the freedom of my job is a tremendous plus, it puts my character on display.
This is a terrible pun, I do apologize to all models, but, I am the one “exposed” all the time. I have nowhere to hide. No co-worker, no secretary, no faulty computers. It’s all me, the good and the bad. I mess up, it’s my fault. By the same token, if I do well, it’s a triumph. That’s what keeps me going!

I have only one excuse. When the system malfunctions, it’s not my fault. Sometimes I do perform miracles, but, even I can’t escape a stalled train. Sorry!

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